All sessions and workshops are held in the building A6 in the NYU campus.

Parking spaces are available in the east area in the underground campus parking.


New York University Abu Dhabi
A6 Building
New York University Abu Dhabi
PO Box 129188
Saadiyat Island
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Tel: (+971) 2-628-4000

In October 2007, New York University announced its intention to open a complete branch campus in Abu Dhabi, financed by the government of the United Arab Emirates. The school was first opened in 2008 on a temporary site in downtown Abu Dhabi, where it held various public events such as academic conferences, workshops, and performances. NYU Abu Dhabi accepted its first class of 150 students in September 2010. New York University moved the Abu Dhabi campus to a new site in 2014 in the Marina district of Saadiyat Island.